Saturday, April 30, 2011

S is for Stephanie and sample

 Lacy Susan was the vendor at the Atlanta IOLI Lace Day last month. Of course I couldn't miss an opportunity to purchase some stash. In addition to these books
I also picked up some threads and some shuttles. You know the saying 'you can never have too many shuttles'.

My first project from my new books was  this 'S' motif. (motif #20) The patterns is from Tatting A B C's &1 2 3's by Houstine Cooper and Handy Hands Inc. It was a birthday present for my friend Stephanie.

Now I am one to blog hop when I should be tatting, stitching, sleeping or perish the thought 'doing housework.' I saw that Jon and some friends were working on a doily and thought what's the harm, only 9 rows! This could be a quick project and good practice for using the spit chain 'she says, as she convinces herself to start something else'. Well I got the first three rows done only to realize that I was missing a picot on the chains of round 3. This quick start was now my sample (motif #21) and was turned into a small wreath (piece on left). With  my second start I made it to row four. Yeah! So far so good.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tech question

Hello all the tech savvy crafters,
Do you use an app to track your crating supplies? I am in search of an an app for the iPhone/iPad that can be used to keep track of threads, books, patterns etc. I have found several to-do list but not what I am looking for. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment, your input will be appreciated.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Workshop News

The Atlanta IOLI hosted their Lace Workshop at Simpsonwood Conference Center on April 8-10, 2011. The bobbin lacemakers concentrated on honing their skills in Milanese Lace with Louise Colgan or Honiton Lace with Sheila Wells.   .
bobbin lace projects in progress

 There weren't enough participants so the tatting class had to be canceled. I was disappointed, but my friend and fellow tatter DianaB got together anyway. We spent the weekend working on a set of patterns by Inke Kuiperij. This year we chose to work on her book Kerstgroep (The Nativity).

The book contains instructions for Mary, Joseph the Baby Jesus with cradle, 3 kings (each robe is different) a star and an angel.  The instructions are in Dutch but diagrams and short code tatting instructions are included.

  One robe and the start of a mantel.
One of the techniques that I worked on over the weekend was the split chain. Now the words 'split chain' no longer fill my heart with dread. It is a technique well worth learning, if you have not done so already.