Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back at It!

August and the local kids are back in school. I have been away, way to long. Thought I would stop by and share what I have been up to.

I haven't picked up my shuttles in awhile, so I have no tatting to share. I don't think I  have done any tatting since my last post.

I did manage to get some paper crafting done. Here are a few of the things that I make. SVG Cuts sponsored two giveaways this summer. With each giveaway they offered a free file. Your mission was to  use the free file to make the project and upload the results per their guidelines. Not bad huh! But there is more,  you then received a $6.99 gift certificate to use on their site. A win win all around. You get a free file and an opportunity to test their files. Then you get the reward of a full collection or kit from their site. The number and variety of entries are amazing.

This was my entry for the Luxury Handbag Giveaway (now closed).

This is for The Make A 3-D High Heel Shoe Giveaway (closing August 12, 2013) 

My other major paper crafting project was this 3-D piano. It was part of birthday gift for a friend.

Thanks for stopping by, will share some paper crafting news next time. Hope to have some tatting as well.
Bye for now,