Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Week 1.5

My Snowflakes for February are Snowflake #4 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments.
Snowflake #4
Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments
by Barbara Foster
Lizbeth sz20. white

I made a start on Jane's tat-a-long, Tat It and See 2015 and made it to Day 8. Though the 2015 TIAS was finished up over the weekend, I plan to  continue and finish mine as well. Up until the very end I though I would wind up with a blue bunny. As it turns out the TIAS was a pair of scissors. Now that all is revealed I have the blades done and need to add the handles.
TIAS 2015
Manuela sz20

My knitting has been on two projects. My version of the Purple Sweater by Jenifer Stark on Ravelry. I am doing mine in Vanna's Choice Yarn by Lion Brand. The sleeves are the next portion of my sweater that I need to work on. The pattern calls for long sleeves but I want to make 3/4 length sleeves, (well just below the elbow). Hopefully I can get 2 sleeves that match and have a nice taper. (LOL)
Purple Sweater by Jenifer Stark
Vanna's Choice, Oatmeal, 
sz 10.5 cir. needles

My second knitting project was to be a pair of oven mitts made with Sugar and Cream. Well mine will be Peaches and Cream because that's what I have on hand. My knit group is working on these as a Knit-a-Long. Since I am learning some new to me techniques, I will be sticking with the yarn I have already, My first choice of colors wasn't pleasing to me so after group on Monday I tink-ed the portion I had done. (tink- un-knitted, unraveled). Need to see how much I can get done before we meet again next week.

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