Monday, January 7, 2013

Earrings and Snowflakes

 I made 9 pairs of Marilee's earrings for Christmas gifts they were a huge hit.

Pattern: Floret - Marilee Rockley
Thread: Manuela sz 20 Color 034
Delica 11/0 beads Color 042

I have started 2013 making snowflakes, then I saw a picture of Marie's snowflake laden tree on Diane's blog. Now I'm more inspired to make this the year of  snowflakes. Not sure I will ever have a tree that beautiful but it will be fun working toward it. Hope to add some bling and do-dads also.

Pattern: Snowflake - Sharon's designing primer post Oct.2006
Thread: Flora sz 20 White

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  1. My tree started with just a few snowflakes for my 3 foot tree. Soon it was covered and I had to go to a larger 4 foot tree. Then it was on to the 7 1/2 tree that I now have. Enjoy tatting each and every snowflake as you keep working towards your goal and it will soon be accomplished! I'm sure yours will be lovely when finished.