Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Already?

It just doesn't seem as if there are 24 hours in my days anymore. I must be losing time somewhere. If you find it please sent it back this way. Last week I picked up my knitting needles again and made this hat. It's a simple stockinette stitch worked in the round on size 9 circular needles. Knitting has almost been a struggle for me so I am very excited when I am able to finish a project no matter how simple.

My only tatting lately has been one lonely snowflake. The snowflake is from the Dover Publication Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. Next to the snowflake are some small medallions (the center portion of the snowflake) that I plan to send to a friend. She saw me working on the snowflake and remarked that she would like to have one for a pendant.                                                                 
Vida Sunderman
Cebelia sz 30

Hopefully I will be able to post more often than monthly.



  1. That is a very nice snowflake! :)

  2. From your blog, you seem to be fearless in learning new techniques: six shuttles, beading! Very nice work!

    As to knitting, you did a nice job on the hat! I'm very impressed that you worked with circular needles. Sometimes I find that it hurts my hands to use them, depending on the material they're made from. I'm wondering if you're aware of Continental knitting, where you hold the yarn in your left hand (if right handed). It speeds things up a bit, especially on knitting stitches in the round.