Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finally Row Nine and Thank You

This is my small start on row nine of the Clover doily by Eileen Stafford. It was many years after I learned to crochet that I learned to tat. It always frustrated me that you couldn't climb up to that next row when tatting. This slowed my progress since I hated to cut and tie, then turn around and hide all those ends neatly. When I heard that it was possible to climb up in tatting by using a split ring or split chain I was intrigued. A solution was in sight.

It took some researching to find instructions on these new-to-me techniques. After much trial and error I was still not getting it. Then I tried finding instructions online. Enter You-Tube. Thanks to the generosity of fellow tatters I found several videos demonstrating split chains and rings. Linda Davies' video proved most helpful to me. Using her instructions I was able to move from one row to another without the dreaded cut and tie for most of this doily. I am really grateful for those who take the time to share. As we continue to share and grow this art form that we love will continue.



  1. I'm just like you- hate to cut and tie but figuring out things was too hard until I found Youtube too. I just love these wonderful tatters who have the patience and kindness to make videos so I can learn. Your split chain is very, very good!

  2. Your doily is looking very nice!! :)