Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just in Time

My Clover Doily is finished. Yeah!! Super excited to have that done. I finished the Clover doily several weeks ago but forgot to post. Here are the pictures.

I have wanted to make some tatted flowers for a long time. The few that I had tried up to this point had not been very successful. I just could never seem to get the hang of turning the tatting into something that remotely resembled a flower.  I had been playing around with several designs for rolled and other paper flowers when I came across instructions for a tatted flower made from a string of graduated rings. This was right up my alley.  I used the flower instructions from Claudia  and two different leaf patterns, one from Heather and the other from Frivole , to make some pins for my sisters and nieces to wear on Mother's Day.

Hopefully this will be my first step to working up some to the other tatted flowers I have collected.


  1. They look quite pretty, I bet your sisters and nieces loved their flowers.

  2. Wonderful doily!! :)
    Fabulous flowers!!! :)