Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tea anyone?

It helps to pay attention! I am reminded of this every time I pull one of these stunts.  When I look back on my last post, I can see where I went wrong the first time. My initial join to the teapot was in the wrong spot and that throw everything else off.  When did I notice this, you may ask? When I got to the last join I would answer. This realization led to this:

So I was brave girl (not so much) and got the scissors out and remedied the error. Now my teapot looks like this.

Thanks Martha for a lovely pattern. Now to find a teacup.

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  1. This is adorable! Thank you for alerting me to the fact that Martha's free pattern starts with the outline - then you fill in the center however you would like! But she does provide her own design, also. It was certainly generous of her to share it with us! I'm glad you persevered and finished the middle section. Looks great!

  2. Your teapot looks wonderful!!! :)